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San Leandro Automotive Battery Charging Starting

Doral’s Auto Repair is the premier San Leandro auto repair shop and is the place in San Leandro for service and repair of auto charging systems, alternators, starters, and batteries. Our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose and repair any battery, starting and charging system problems. 

Car batteries store electrical energy necessary to start the car. When the vehicle is being started, it draws a lot of energy from the battery – once the engine is on, the alternator generates electrical energy necessary for the car’s electrical systems and entertainment systems to function. The alternator also recharges the car’s battery, so it’s always ready for future use. 

There are many parts that continuously require electrical current while driving, such as the fuel pump, fuel injectors, airbag system, steering system, other safety and entertainment systems, and the ignition module, which turns the low voltage supply to the ignition coil on and off. That voltage, in turn, is converted to a higher voltage that powers the spark plugs. Spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture in the cylinders. Burning of this mixture creates the gases that power the pistons. That power is then transferred to the wheels of your vehicle. 

Many factors can contribute to the wear and tear of your vehicle's charging system, starting system or the battery. Frequently turning the vehicle on and off, while going about the town, accelerates this wear, as compared to cruising on a freeway. Other contributory factors include San Leandro driving weather, mileage of the vehicle, as well as its age. There are other factors that can contribute to the wear of the charging systems, such as the use of the on-board entertainment while the engine is off. As we put more and more entertainment and communication options in our cars, this causes increased draw on the electrical systems.

Many symptoms can indicate possible problems with the battery or the charging system in general. Your vehicle may exhibit dimming of interior lights, battery light coming on, or "check engine" light coming on. The most obvious sign that something went wrong is when your vehicle refuses to start in the morning. 

The mechanics in our San Leandro auto repair shop have the depth of experience and extensive training, as well as state-of-the-art tools necessary to diagnose and repair your vehicle’s starting and charging systems, as well as the battery problems. If you suspect the battery, starting or charging system problems, bring your vehicle to Doral’s – we are happy to be of service. 

Doral’s Auto Repair provides 36 months/ 36,000 miles warranty on any battery or electrical system repairs we perform.

Below you can read more details on battery, charging system and starting system repairs we perform. 

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