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San Leandro Automotive Compressor Replacement

Welcome to Doral’s Auto Repair – the premier auto repair shop in San Leandro. Among the services we offer are a broad range of auto air conditioning services and repairs. Among the repairs we offer is ac compressor replacement. The compressor is the heart of the automotive ac system. The compressor pressurizes the refrigerant (usually R-134a) and passes it along to the evaporator. When the compressor fails, so does the ac system.

Your automotive a/c compressor has many moving parts – valves and pistons – and as all moving parts, they can fail. Sometimes when moving parts fail, they disperse debris damaging other parts of the system. As a result, we would also replace the receiver dryer and orifice tube, as well as completely flushing the system while replacing the compressor.

Other parts that may fail are the compressor clutch, an electrical connector, or a bearing. The compressor seal can fail, in which case leaks may damage other components.

Possible signs that compressor is failing:

  • Clicking sound from under the engine.
  • No cold air from the vents.

The good news is that these signs don’t necessarily mean the compressor is at fault. But they should motivate you to bring your vehicle to your trusted auto repair shop to get a professional diagnosis – it may turn out that something simpler and less expensive to repair is going on.

If you do notice problems with your car’s air conditioning system, bring it to Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro – our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose and repair any ac problems your car may experience. All repairs carry 36 month/36,000 miles warranty.

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