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Tire Rotation in San Leandro, CA

We don’t normally think about tires until one catches a nail or they have gone bald and tire replacement becomes a necessity. But it’s rare that we think of tire rotation – yet tire rotation carries many benefits. That’s why at Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro we recommend regular tire rotation – your vehicle and your pocketbook will benefit.

We can perform tire rotation with any service or repair – so if it has been a while, or at least 5,000 miles since the last tire rotation, let us know. Naturally, we do inspect the tires, but in the early stages of tire wear, it’s difficult to tell if they need to be rotated – that’s why it helps to know when they were rotated previously.

Tire rotation provides multiple benefits:

  1. Even wearing of tires – tires wear out over time, but their wear pattern and how fast they wear out differs. When we rotate tires, it allows for more even wearing of the tires, which in turn prolongs tire life.
  2. Improved vehicle performance and ride comfort – unevenly worn tires can contribute to a rougher ride, and even less control over the vehicle. Tire rotation increase ride comfort and vehicle stability.
  3. Quieter ride – tires that wear evenly make for a quitter, more pleasant ride.
  4. Better gas mileage – unevenly worn tires can decrease gas mileage. With current gasoline prices, every little bit helps.
  5. Save money – since tire rotation extends tire life and improves gas mileage, it saves you money. Tire prices have gone up considerably, gasoline prices are high, so the savings add up.

Tire rotation can improve overall ride comfort and handling of your vehicle. If you add monetary benefits of better gas mileage and longer tire life, it makes sense to get the tires rotated every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. At Doral’s Auto Repair we offer tire rotation service – either as a stand-alone option, or in combination with any other service or repair.

So call our full service San Leandro auto repair shop and make an appointment. You can do so online, on our website, or call the shop directly and we will make an appointment that fits your schedule.

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