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San Leandro Automotive Alternator Testing

Doral’s Auto Repair is the leading San Leandro auto service and repair shop, offering full-service auto repair for most makes currently on the road. We are a recognized leader for diagnostic, service and repair of battery, charging system, and starting system issues.  Among the services we offer is alternator testing. 

An alternator helps power all electrical systems in the car, including lights, entertainment systems, GPS, and the starting system. If the alternator goes bad or is failing, it will result in a discharge of the car’s battery, may cause issues with the electrical system, and leave you stranded.

Therefore it’s a good idea to have the alternator tested. At Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro, we can perform alternator testing as a part of your service visit.  During your visit, we do a complimentary vehicle inspection that includes checking the belt that drives the alternator. But we do not perform specific alternator tests unless you ask us to – so if your vehicle manifests symptoms of potential electrical system problems, let us know. Problems to watch out for: difficult to start the engine, lights dim, power windows slow to operate, service engine light is on, electrical issues, like the radio turning itself off, engine stalling while driving, or a dead battery.  Let us know any symptoms your car exhibits, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will diagnose and repair whatever ails your car. 

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