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Wheel Alignment in San Leandro

Doral’s Auto Repair offers complete San Leandro wheel alignment service – whether drivability issues signal the need for alignment, or you got new tires and want them to last.  Wheel alignment may be required even after something as innocuous as bumping into a concrete parking stall – though it most cases, it takes something more drastic, like hitting a big pothole, or hitting a curb.

Driving with wheels out of alignment can significantly shorten tire life, will likely cause vibrations while driving, and can make the ride a lot noisier. Severe misalignment has been known to negatively impact handling of a vehicle. So if you notice signs of misalignment (see bullet points below), bring your vehicle to our San Leandro auto repair shop, and we will use our computerized alignment machine to get your car in top shape. When the alignment is done, you can expect that your vehicle will ride more smoothly, it will definitely improve tire life, and fuel economy will increase, according to industry research.

Since Bay Area roads are not well maintained, and potholes are a fact of life, we suggest alignment check once a year. If you have any concerns about wheel alignment, just mention them during your next oil service visit – we can do an alignment check and let you know if you vehicle requires wheel alignment or not.  Some of the symptoms that are commonly associated with misalignment can be caused by other problems.  We will check your car out and let you know exactly what needs to be done. In most cases, though, it is the alignment and the problem can be quickly remedied.

How Wheel Alignment is Accomplished

Special machines have been produced to check wheel alignment – they can detect misalignment on the order of a hundredth of a degree – obviously not something a human eye can catch, so we rely on computers built into the alignment machine to diagnose and correct the misalignment.  As mentioned previously, if your vehicle has not had its alignment checked within last year or so, we recommend alignment check – it’s fast, and can be done at the same time as the regular oil service.

Here is the list of symptoms that indicate that alignment check should be performed:

  • The steering wheel pulls to the left or right
  • You feel vibration when turning
  • The steering wheel is not straight when driving on a straight roadway
  • Tires are wearing out unevenly

Wheel alignment at Doral’s Auto Repair is a multi-step process. Here are some of the main points:

  • We check and compare tire alignment to automobile manufacturer guidelines
  • We check and asses the suspension, and the steering system
  • We check tire inflation
  • Check of tread wear – in particular, we are looking for uneven tread wear
  • The final step is the alignment on our computerized alignment machine.

If you have any concerns about wheel alignment, or the car does not handle “quite right” – give us a call. Our nationally certified technicians will inspect your vehicle, and if wheel alignment is indicated, they will perform professional wheel alignment using computerized alignment equipment. Correct wheel alignment improves ride comfort, benefits your car, and extends tire life. Call today for an appointment.

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