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San Leandro Automotive Battery Load Test

One of the tests we can perform at Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro is the battery load test. We are the premier San Leandro battery, starting system, charging system, and electrical issues repair and service shop. Battery load test is a part of the comprehensive electrical system tests we sometimes need to perform when the vehicles exhibits symptoms of lack of electrical power. 

Car battery is designed to use chemical reaction to generate electricity. Over time, usually after 3-4 years, battery’s ability to generate electricity starts to diminish. Battery failure might be obvious – can’t start the car, lights don’t work, etc. , or it can be more of a slow decline – slower than normal engine cranking, starter sounds a bit different, lights are a bit dim. Such symptoms indicate that the battery is not providing enough electricity to handle the electrical needs of the car. 

As manufacturers load our cars with more and more computers, navigation functions, and entertainment options, the demands placed on car’s battery keep increasing. Whether it’s the battery itself, or the alternator that’s not recharging it properly, at some point it will simply fail to do its function. 

So if you notice any of the symptoms listed above, give us a call. Our technicians can perform battery load testing to find out if it is still capable of holding the full charge. If it is not, it will have to be replaced, and we can do so at that time. Setting up an appointment is easy – you can do so online, or simply give us a call. 

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