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Ambient Temperature Sensor Replacement in San Leandro

Sometimes your car’s AC does not seem to work right, yet there is no leak or obvious problem. The culprit may be the ambient temperature sensor (switch). At Doral’s Auto Repair we provide San Leandro ambient temperature sensor testing and replacement.

When the ambient temperature sensor fails, it prevents the air conditioning from functioning correctly. It is the job of the ambient temperature sensor to measure the external temperature of the vehicle, to provide the computer system with the reference point for the computer to make calculations to correctly maintain cabin temperature. When the sensor fails, there are usually few symptoms to alert you that something is not right. One of the likely symptoms is that automatic AC settings will not work, since the computer does not have enough data to properly run the AC to maintain pre-set cabin temperature.

Another, somewhat more obvious symptom can be inconsistent temperature in the cabin. If the ambient temperature sensor fails, or sends inconsistent data, the computer ends up confused, and cannot properly maintain cabin temperature.

Sometimes you can check outside air temperature – most cars have that option – if the display shows temperature that is obviously incorrect, that’s usually a sign that the ambient temperature sensor is failing.

Naturally, at Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro, our nationally ASE certified technicians use cutting-edge digital tools to query the computer and combine that information with their extensive AC repair experience to diagnose ambient temperature sensor failure. Once diagnosed, we can perform ambient temperature sensor replacement, and get the AC working again. This repair can usually be accomplished the same day. All repairs performed at Doral’s are backed with 36 months / 36,000 miles nationwide warranty.

So if your vehicle’s AC is misbehaving – give us a call or setup an appointment online. We will find the root cause of the problem, get it fixed, and get your car comfortably cool and on the road again.

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