Alternator Repair And Replacement

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San Leandro Automotive Alternator Repair and Replacement

Doral’s Auto Repair is the premier San Leandro repair shop for battery, charging system and starting system repair and service. One of the services we provide is testing the output of the alternator, and alternator repair and replacement. 

While sometimes it is possible to repair an alternator, in most cases, when the alternator goes bad, the best solution is to replace the alternator. Our nationally ASE certified technicians have the computerized diagnostic tools necessary to ascertain the overall state of the alternator health. If the alternator indeed needs replacement, we will let you know. However, it does happen that what at first looks like an alternator that does not properly charge a battery, turns out to be a parasitic battery drain. Modern cars have dozens of embedded computers, entertainment systems, fuel system and ignition system that all draw electrical current. If there is a problem with one of those systems, they may drain the battery even though the alternator is working as expected. 

At Doral’s we use state of the art tools to test the electrical system in general, and the alternator in particular, before we advise you to replace the alternator.  All auto repairs are backed by our 24month / 24,000 miles warranty

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