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San Leandro Heater Core Replacement

Doral’s Auto Repair offers superior San Leandro auto repair services, including heater core replacement.

Your heater core is a crucial element of your car’s heating system. A clogged or leaking heater core is not repairable – it needs to be replaced.

The heater core is located inside the car, usually on the passenger side, underneath the dashboard. Coolant heated up by the engine flows through heater core. The blower motor blows air across the heater core, and the air absorbs the heat and is then directed to the vents into the cabin.

At our San Leandro auto repair shop we can perform automotive heating system testing and replacement. Naturally first we pressure test the system to check if the heater core is leaking. Once we determine it’s the heater core that is faulty (it could be something else, for example, the blower motor could be at fault), we will replace the heater core, fill the radiator with proper mixture of coolant/water, bleed air from the system, and then turn on the vehicle and check that the system is blowing warm air and behaves as it should at different temperature settings.

We recommend regular vehicle maintenance including coolant replacement. Most manufacturers recommend coolant replacement every 25,000 – 40,000 miles. This keeps coolant free of contaminants that could clog the heater core.

Typical symptoms of a heater core problem include:

  • Cold air coming from the heater, not as hot as you expected
  • Coolant leaking into the car (from under the dashboard)
  • When heater is turned on, steam coming from vents

If your car exhibits any of these symptoms, it’s time to visit Doral’s Auto Repair, so our nationally ASE certified technicians can perform a professional test of the heating system and find out the root cause of your car’s heating problem. Repairs performed by our technicians carry a 3 year/ 36,000 mile warranty.

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