Battery Replacement in San Leandro, CA

Battery Replacement in San Leandro, CA Dorals Auto Repair offers complete electrical system, starting and charging system diagnostics and repairs. Among the services we offer at our San Leandro car care facility is battery testing and battery replacement. Car batteries typically last 4to 5years.Cold winter weather is particularly hard on batteries, especially if they are […]

Why Did the Heater in My Vehicle Stop Working?

Why Did the Heater in My Vehicle Stop Working? Your vehicle‘s heater is something you rely on during the winter months.It is how you keep warm when getting outto goto work in the earlymornings.It is alsohelps with fogged up windows when theoutside temperature islower than theinside temperature.So even though it seems counterintuitive,heater is a safety […]

A Tune-up Isn’t What It Used to Be, but It Is Still Important

Engine tune-ups arent as commonly talked about as oil changes or other maintenance activities, but they are a valuable way to extend the life of your car and improve its performance. Most modern cars are self-tuning. Electronic components adjust things in real time, thus making an old fashioned tune-up rare indeed. However, there are times […]

Catalytic Converter Replacement Tops Check Engine Light Repairs recently published its annual Vehicle Health Index, and for the Check Engine Light category, the most frequent repair in 2020 was Catalytic Converter Replacement. The high frequency of catalytic converter replacement is due to the nationwide wave of catalytic converter theft. High prices of the precious metals used in building catalytic converters have motivated […]

Auto Air Conditioning R-1234YF Recharge in San Leandro, CA

You have probably heard that car manufacturers are using a new a/c refrigerant: R-1234YF. It is designed to be better for the environment, however it does require new equipment, so very few shops can perform a/c R-1234YF recharge. Fortunately Dorals Auto Repair the shop that have the new equipment, and our technicians are trained in […]

Does my car need a wheel alignment?

Bay Area roads are in a sorry state, and San Leandro streets are riddled with potholes, bumps, and occasional road work that makes it really easy for the wheels to get out of alignment. To counteract the problems caused by our roads, Dorals Auto Repair offers computerized San Leandro wheel alignment we use high precision […]

Acura MDX & RDS Named 2020 Best Family Luxury Cars

Acura’s two best-selling models, the MDX and RDX, have been named 2020 Best Family Luxury Cars by Parents magazine. Criteria included crash-test ratings as well as evaluations by child passenger safety experts. Dorals Auto Repair congratulates Acura on their achievement. We service and repair Acura vehicles, and have been impressed with the consistent quality of […]