Alternator Troubleshooting

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San Leandro Automotive Alternator Troubleshooting

At Doral’s Auto Repair we are recognized as the premier San Leandro charging system, starting system, battery and electrical issues repair and service shop. One of the services we perform is alternator troubleshooting. 

When we try to start a car in the morning, and it does not crank, and the engine won’t start, we typically think that the car battery needs to be replaced. But this may not be the case. Sometimes the battery is just fine, but it’s the alternator that is at fault. One of the jobs of the alternator is to charge the battery. If it is failing at that job, eventually the battery will be drained, and will not be able to its job. There is nothing wrong with the battery – it simply is discharged. At Doral’s we can perform alternator troubleshooting to find out exactly what is going on and what needs to be done to remedy the situation. 

Our nationally ASE certified technicians have the experience and tools necessary to troubleshoot the alternator.  It involves measuring voltages with the engine on and off, checking wiring, checking the belt that drives the alternator, belt tensioner, etc. When the troubleshooting is completed, we can present you with the root cause of the problem, and will offer a solution to get your car performing at its peak. Repairs done at Doral’s Auto Repair are covered by our 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty

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