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San Leandro Automotive Battery Charge

Doral’s Auto Repair is San Leandro’s premier shop for battery charging, charging system, and starting system repair and service. We offer various services related to a battery charge.

Car batteries come under increased strain, as modern vehicles become more computerized, provide more navigation and entertainment options – all of these require electricity. As the battery ages, it may not be able to hold sufficient charge to perform all its functions properly. 

Let us know if your vehicle exhibits any of the following symptoms: lights dim, difficult to start the engine, power windows slow to operate, electrical issues, like the radio turning itself off, or engine stalling while driving – these may indicate problems with battery charging. They do not necessarily indicate that the battery is bad – only that it does not have enough charge. There may be other reasons why this is the case – it could be the alternator that is not charging the battery properly. 

In any case, let us know if you notice any of these symptoms, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will perform necessary tests to find out the root cause of battery charging issues

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