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Even though “tune up” has evolved over time, we offer complete tune up services at our auto repair shop in San Leandro. Years ago every vehicle needed regular tune up, and the term “tune up” was well defined. Today many functions of the tune up have been taken over by the on-board computers. Modern vehicles, in many ways, are “self-tuning” – computers adjusts mixture of the air and fuel on-the-fly, to provide optimal performance and emissions control.

Thus the term “tune up” has evolved over time. Today, we first check the age of the vehicle, and what kind of computerized fuel injection system it is equipped with. This tells us which definition of “tune up” we should apply when servicing your vehicle.

There are still some old vehicles that require a traditional tune up, though we rarely see them anymore. Most of the modern vehicles will receive either a minor or major tune-up service, and these differ from the tune up in the olden days.

A minor tune-up can involve check for coolant or vacuum leaks, and visual inspection of wires, belts and hoses. Depending on the mileage, spark plugs may need to be replaced. We will adjust ignition timing if necessary. Fuel injected engines will undergo cleaning of the throttle body and idle air bypass. Fuel and air filters will be replaced.

As the name implies, a major tune-up is a bit more involved affair. In addition to the minor tune up tasks, we will be spend more time using diagnostic scan tools, and may replace transmission fluid, brake fluid, or differential fluid. Sensors may be replaced as well – for example oxygen sensor, crankshaft position sensor, cam position sensor. It could also involve fuel pump replacement.

Generally, the auto repair industry has moved away from the concept of a tune up, to the concept of “manufacturer recommended maintenance” – each vehicle manufacturer recommends specific services to be performed at various time or mileage intervals, for each vehicle model, and during these services we perform all the testing, adjustments, and part replacements that in the olden days were grouped under the term “tune up”.

Having said all that, if you feel that your car is not behaving as it should, or that it has been a while since you brought it to a mechanic near you, call Doral’s Auto Repair and make an appointment for us to take a look at it – we will inspect your vehicle and figure out what it needs, and our nationally ASE certified technicians will get it fixed and ready for the road.

At Doral’s Auto Repair we back our work with a 36 month / 36,000 mile warranty.

We offer convenient appointments on our website, or simply call the shop and we will make an appointment for you.


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