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San Leandro Automotive Ignition Switch

At Doral’s Auto Repair we provide ignition switch services, along with a wide variety of other San Leandro electrical, charging, starting, and battery services and repairs. 

If the ignition switch in your vehicle is faulty, your car will exhibit some of these symptoms: 

Car starts and stalls or car stalls while driving – faulty ignition switch may cut off power to the fuel system and ignition system, causing the engine to stall. The vehicle may or may not be able to be restarted. 

Issues powering on the accessories – ignition switch also powers accessories in the car – interior lights, navigation system, center console. If the key is inserted and turned, but the accessories do not power on, this may be a sign of an issue with the ignition switch or the lock cylinder. 

Engine does not start – again, faulty ignition switch will not send power to the starter motor and ignition system, so the car engine cannot start. 

You may experience Issues turning or removing the key – sometimes the key gets stuck when turning on the car, or removing the key. This may be a sign of a worn out ignition switch. 

When you think about it, the ignition switch is used every day, numerous times. Over time it wears out, until one day your car starts exhibiting symptoms as above. If this is the case, give us a call – our nationally ASE certified technicians can diagnose the problem, and if it is indeed the ignition switch, and if it indeed is at the point that it requires replacement, we can replace it and have your car back on the road (usually the same day).  Repairs performed at Doral’s Auto Repair are backed by 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty. Give us a call to schedule an appointment

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