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San Leandro Automotive Battery Troubleshooting

Battery troubleshooting is one of the services we offer at Doral’s Auto Repair in San Leandro. We are the premier electrical system, charging system, starting system and battery service and repair shop. Winter weather puts additional strain on your car’s battery. If your car suffers from slow cranking, dimmed lights, slow operating power windows, or radio turning off by itself, then it’s likely time for some battery troubleshooting. 

Fortunately our nationally ASE certified mechanics have the skills, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to perform battery troubleshooting efficiently and effectively. Modern cars have vastly complex electrical systems – with dozens of on-board embedded computers, satellite navigation systems, and entertainment system, lights, and of course the ignition system, the battery sits right in the middle of a vast network of wires, fuses, and systems that rely on it for electricity. Thus troubleshooting battery problems may get complex at times – if it turns out that the battery holds the charge well, but there is a parasitic battery drain, locating it requires skill and experience. 

Doral’s technicians have the necessary experience, and we offer convenient appointments, loaner cars (subject to availability), and 36 month / 36,000 miles warranty on all repairs performed at Doral’s. So make an appointment online, or give us a call. 


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