Catalytic Converter Replacement Tops Check Engine Light Repairs recently published its annual Vehicle Health Index, and for the Check Engine Light category, the most frequent repair in 2020 was Catalytic Converter Replacement. The high frequency of catalytic converter replacement is due to the nationwide wave of catalytic converter theft. High prices of the precious metals used in building catalytic converters have motivated thieves to steal them all over the country. Oxygen sensor replacementis second on the list. This is also due to the crime wave when thieves steal the catalytic converter, they often damage oxygen sensor system in the process. Dorals Auto Repair offers a catalytic converter shield that discourages theft it can be installed in one day. Remaining list items are more in line with what you would expect car repairs to be: ignition coil replacement spark plug replacement mass air flow sensor replacement fuel cap replacement Our family-owned auto repair shop in San Leandro provides repairs for all items on the list. We are a full service auto repair shop and can offer your vehicle complete maintenance services and repairs. Call the shop for an appointment, or setup an appointment online if you prefer.

Written by Developer Autoshop