Why Did the Heater in My Vehicle Stop Working?

Why Did the Heater in My Vehicle Stop Working?

Your vehicle's heater is something you rely on during the winter months.It is how you keep warm when getting outto goto work in the earlymornings.It is alsohelps with fogged up windows when theoutside temperature islower than theinside temperature.So even though it seems counterintuitive,heater is a safety item.

Unfortunately, the heating system in a vehicle consists of many componentsthat can fail-somemechanical, some electrical.When youturn theheater on,andthere's no air coming out,or the air is not warm, there are many potential culprits. Here is a partial list:

Not having enough coolantwill preventtheheater from putting outwarm air.Low coolant can also lead to engine overheating, so its important to have this condition checkedout by a professional mechanic as soon as possible.Ablownfuse is anotherreasonthat canalsoaffect your vehicle'sabilitytoheat the cabin.Air pockets in the heater coreora failing heatercancause problems with the flow ofcoolant through the heater core.Failing water pumpcan create issueswith yourcarsheating system.Malfunctioning thermostat can cause heater problems.If no air at all comes from the vents, it could be a bad blower motor.

As the winter approaches, we recommend thatyoucheck the heating in your vehicle, and if you notice any issues, bring it to Dorals Auto Repair in San Leandro for a checkup. Since no-heat condition can indicate serious problems with the heating/cooling system, which in turn could lead to engine damage, its important to have your vehicle checkedout by a professional mechanicin San Leandro. Call us to make an appointment.

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