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Ford F-250 Service and Repair in San Leandro

Doral’s Auto Repair is your San Leandro Ford dealer alternative, including all Ford F-250 services and repairs. We specialize in Ford repair, and have in-depth skills, cutting-edge digital tools, lifts, and ample space to handle your Ford repair needs – whether you drive F-250 Crew Cab or F-250 Super Duty Extended Cab. As a matter of fact, we can handle F-350 and F-450 vehicles as well – bring them in, they will be in good hands.

Whether you own a gasoline or a diesel F-250, our nationally ASE certified technicians have the experience and the tools necessary to get you vehicle fixed and back on the road. If you own a fleet, we offer priority fleet service.

Your F-250 requires regular maintenance. If you use if for business, breakdowns cost you money, so it is even more important to perform regular service to avoid unscheduled downtime. We are big fans of regular oil changes in particular – they not only prolong engine life, but also give us an opportunity to perform a complimentary digital vehicle inspection. This inspection allows us to check belts and hoses, inspect tires, adjust tire pressure, check various subsystems, and look for impending problems before they develop into expensive repairs or outright breakdowns.

Servicing your F-250 at our San Leandro auto repair facility fulfills requirements to keep the manufacturer warranty in place.

While Ford F-250 is “Ford Tough”, it can have an “off” year – 2006 Ford F-250 is well known for the EGR valve failures. 2012 model had suspension problems, while 2008 had brake issues. But most F-250 model years seem to offer reliable service for years and years.

When you bring your Ford F-250 truck to Doral’s Auto Repair, we will provide superior quality service and repairs, as well as:

  • Priority fleet service
  • 36 months / 36,000 miles warranty
  • Same day service completion, in most cases
  • Nationally ASE certified technicians working on your F-250
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer or better quality parts

Doral’s Auto repair is a full service San Leandro auto repair shop that offers complete F-250 services and repairs. While we literally offer hundreds of services and repairs, here is an abbreviated list for your perusal:

  • glow plugs replacement
  • spark plugs replacement
  • auto a/c blower motor repair
  • tire rotation
  • blower motor resistor replacement
  • tire pressure monitoring system repair
  • CV/axle and control arm replacement
  • automatic transmission service & repair
  • catalytic converter replacement
  • timing belt and water pump replacement
  • brake calipers replacement
  • tie rod replacement
  • battery registration
  • brake inspection
  • water pump, thermostat replacement
  • preventive maintenance inspections
  • AC system repair
  • fuel system repair
  • power steering
  • differential & transfer case (4WD) service
  • tune up
  • heater hose repair
  • rotation and check tire pressure
  • mechanical and suspension repairs
  • starter replacement
  • radiator repair
  • anti-lock brake service & diagnostics
  • brake inspection
  • drum and rotor service
  • U-joint repair
  • brake pads replacement
  • high voltage cable inspection & repair
  • radiator flush
  • overheating diagnostics
  • alternator failure
  • transmission flush
  • electrical system diagnostics
  • exhaust system work
  • fuel injector repair
  • electrical and/or wiring problems
  • torque converter problems
  • fuel pump repair
  • battery service

So next time your Ford F-250 needs service or repairs – whether factory scheduled maintenance, oil service, or major engine repairs – bring it to Doral’s in San Leandro. We offer convenient online appointments or call the shop directly to speak with us.

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