Does my car need a wheel alignment?

Bay Area roads are in a sorry state, and San Leandro streets are riddled with potholes, bumps, and occasional road work that makes it really easy for the wheels to get out of alignment. To counteract the problems caused by our roads, Dorals Auto Repair offers computerized San Leandro wheel alignment we use high precision equipment that can detect misalignment as slight as 1/100th of an inch. Keeping vehicle wheels properly aligned has multiple benefits smoother ride, better handling, better mileage, and slower tire wear tires last longer. Even if you are not noticing any obvious signs of misalignment, it is good to have a professional assessment. We recommend wheel alignment check once a year for your convenience this can be done at the same time as the oil service. If you want more information, check out our web page on San Leandro wheel alignment.

Written by Developer Autoshop