Battery Replacement in San Leandro, CA

Battery Replacement in San Leandro, CA

Dorals Auto Repair offers complete electrical system, starting and charging system diagnostics and repairs. Among the services we offer at our San Leandro car care facility is battery testing and battery replacement.

Car batteries typically last 4to 5years.Cold winter weather is particularly hard on batteries, especially if they are in the latter stages of their lifespan. If your vehicles battery is nearing its 5 year mark, or is exhibiting any of the signs listed below, its time for a visit to our San Leandro auto repair garage to have the battery checked out, and possibly to have it replaced.

Signs that your cars batterymay need help:

Engine cranking slowly when startingElectrical components(entertainment center)acting upHeadlights dim when the engine isturnedoffBattery warning light on the dashboard is on

If you notice any of the above symptoms,call Dorals Auto Repair,and makean appointment to bring your vehicle to us for a checkup. Our nationally ASE certified technicians will test the battery, recharge it if thats all it needs, or will recommend battery replacement. If this should turn out to be the right course of action, we will provide your vehicle with a battery that matches manufacturer parameters for your specific vehicle make and model.

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