Auto Air Conditioning R-1234YF Recharge in San Leandro, CA

You have probably heard that car manufacturers are using a new a/c refrigerant: R-1234YF. It is designed to be better for the environment, however it does require new equipment, so very few shops can perform a/c R-1234YF recharge. Fortunately Dorals Auto Repair the shop that have the new equipment, and our technicians are trained in its proper use. We offer comprehensive auto air conditioning services whether you vehicle uses the old or the new, R-1234YF, refrigerant. The new refrigerant goes by many names, so when reading your vehicle manual, you may encounter following names: YF-1234, R-1234-YF, HFO-1234, R1234YF, R1234, HFO1234YF, HFO-1234-YF, and YF1234. They all refer to the same new refrigerant. The new refrigerant is not only superior in terms of its chemical composition, but the new a/c equipment is also designed to protect the environment:
  • New equipment is designed with different fittings, so there can be no accidental cross-contamination between the old and the new refrigerant
  • It has an on-board refrigerant identifier, so if will not recover contaminated refrigerant
  • It will not recharge auto air conditioning system if a leak is detected
  • This is to help auto repair shops to follow the requirement imposed by the State of California auto air conditioning system must be tested for leaks before it can be recharged, whether with the old R-134a refrigerant, or the new R-1234YF refrigerant. So if your vehicles AC system is not performing as expected, bring it to our San Leandro auto repair shop. Our technicians are thoroughly trained in the use of the old and the new a/c refrigerants, and we have the equipment to perform the a/c recharge regardless of which refrigerant your vehicle requires. You can read more about the R-1234-YF, or simply call us to schedule an appointment.

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